Mission and Ambitions

UKB is a partnership of Dutch University Libraries and the KB National Library of the Netherlands. We support and accelerate scientific progress by developing and managing universal and sustainable access to knowledge for everyone. Our goal is open knowledge, anytime, anyplace, while preserving our unique local character.

What are we working on?

Sustainably accessible collections and their utilization
We enhance nationwide cooperation in facilitating education and research. This involves providing sustainable access to relevant scientific information from digital and physical sources. We also aim to improve (digital) information literacy for students and scientists.

Innovation in shared knowledge infrastructure
We implement smart search technology and a linked open-data infrastructure to help students, lecturers, and researchers find the knowledge they need. This includes sharing and co-developing knowledge using new technologies such as AI and elastic search.

Promotion and facilitation of Open Knowledge for and by Dutch Universities
We promote open science and education, and supporting researchers, lecturers, and students in maximizing its benefits. Additionally, we provide the public with access to Dutch universities’ scientific knowledge and highlighting the societal relevance of Dutch education and research.

Inspiration and innovation in user applications
We enhance user experiences by creating inspiring hotspots for learning, production, and research both on campus and online, and by developing and utilizing new services collaboratively.

Development of competencies and skills
We ensure the sustainable employability of our employees and promote innovation through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and joint competency development. This aligns with the evolving information landscape and the changing role of libraries, encompassing digital literacy, hospitality, agile working, and multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve our goals.

UKB, December 2020

These ambitions have been developed in conjunction with the UKB working groups (in Dutch) and will be pursued through various combinations from 2020 to 2024.