Launching the new research portal for The Netherlands with OpenAIRE

As of July 3 the Dutch research portal NARCIS will be replaced by The Netherlands Research Portal on OpenAIRE CONNECT that covers the publications, datasets and projects of research institutes in The Netherlands. The portal aims to connect the Dutch research to a broad audience of (inter)national researchers, journalists, policy makers and companies. 

Since 2004 NARCIS was the national aggregator of the Dutch repository infrastructure and has disseminated the Dutch research output via scholarly search engines to researchers. NARCIS also had its own portal, that has been widely used by journalists and policy makers. The announced end of NARCIS in January resulted in a whole new research portal for The Netherlands, built together with OpenAIRE, UKB and SURF, that will officially launch on July 3.

With the new portal we recognize the importance of making Dutch research output visible to a wider audience than just the research community. The new portal can be used to get a good overview of the Dutch research landscape. Universities and research organizations provide content to the portal and the initiative has support from SURF (collaborative organization for IT in research and education), UKB (partnership of university libraries and national library), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Dutch Research Council  (NWO), SHB (libraries of the applied universities), Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) and Universities of the Netherlands (UNL).

With the Netherlands Research Portal on OpenAIRE we hope to continue that legacy and stay a beacon for Open Science in The Netherlands.

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